Aug 142009

Your Woman should be treated like your bike. Shine her up every mornin’ to gain your neighour’s envy. However, if his bike’s better lookin’ don’t envy her ‘cos your bike probably rides better and gives you better mileage.

Don’t ever trade in your old bike for a new one unless she doesn’t start. Even if she doesn’t start try repairing her before junkin’ her. Now that you’ve gained experience buy a new one cautiously and take better care of her. When buyin’ a second hand one check out her previous owner, how much she’s been used, and the engine (you don’t want one that’s clocked too many miles,do you??)

Now, for all you mens without bikes, don’t be in a hurry to buy one. Try ridin’ your friend’s bike when he’s not around (for the practice) so you will be a “rider” when you get your own. Search for ads. etc. ‘cos the bike ain’t gonna ride itself to your doorstep. you gotta spread the word around that you’re on the lookout, and then be patient, even it means a couple of years ‘cos when you do find ‘The Bike’ for you, the guys who were laughin’at you when you didn’t have one will be eatin’ your dust when you whizz past them on your baby. And yeah, another reason why you can afford to be patient is that ‘You can never be too old to ride’.

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