Pheromones – the invisible, odor-free chemical substances released from the body to influence human and animal behavior subconsciously.

The development of the female’s secretion of pheromones was an evolutionary process designed to ensure that it was not only beautiful women who attracted the males.

One of the best methods for the attraction of men by women is the application of a scent that is pheromone inducing. The feminine body automatically gives off pheromones, a sort of scent that males can’t help responding to. Women can show a special kind of glow and charm to attractive males by using this scent, and get them to be more aware of their interest.

Pheromones have been studied a long time in the field of science. All female mammals secrete pheromones which attract their male counterparts and encourage them to have sexual relations. For example, female canines secrete pheromones when they are in heat, which encourages their male counterparts to have sex with them – as any dog’s master can tell you.

All of us have pheromones, however humans are not as sensitive to them, not like animals. The heart and the intellect are employed by humans, whereas instinct is used by animals. Even though males don’t instantly fall in love with females who have an enticing scent, this scent is without a doubt an influence to lure males and lead to the possibility of an enduring loving relationship.

Romance perfumes imitate the effect of female pheromones, enhancing chemical substances in the body and sending them out in elevated levels. The scent of bottled pheromones brings out the beast in males and makes it seem as if their female companions are more available, more sensual, and more attractive.

Faithfully using the scent will let women gather more men friends and intimates. Males will not only pay more attention to you, they’ll also feel more attracted to you and more desirous of you without even realizing what’s happening.

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