Jul 122012

This was a crazy week work-wise. I was running at 120 percent capacity, so I did not eat as well! I missed some meals because of time and to make up for several binges.

I exercised three times and had diversity! I also kept up with the weights.

Sat. – 30 minutes, treadmill; 10 single-station weight stations and stomach curls
Sun. – 20 minutes, cross trainer; 20 minutes LC bike; 10 single-station weight stations and stomach curls
Tues. – 30 minutes, treadmill; 10 single-station weight stations and stomach curls
I also increased my treadmill speed from 4.5 to 5.0 and added 6.0 two-minute sprints during the last five minutes of 30 on the treadmill.

If I want to run a 10-mile race in three to four weeks, what should I do now?


Sharon’s Reply
You managed to lose another pound in spite of the 23 cookies you ate! I will be curious if you slow down in weight loss in the near future. That commitment to exercise is really pulling you through.

I can certainly tell you were pushed for time — three tuna hoagies in one week? Can you try a turkey or ham to reduce the fat? As your vegetables dropped off (only two salads this week) and you ate no fruits, your starchy carbohydrates went up (two soft pretzels), as well as the calories. It might be that now your fit body can handle and even may need more carbs as you increase your running.

Can you offer any explanation for all the cookies? Is this stress eating? Where were the cookies kept? What time of day did you eat them? It is known that sweets and starches increase serotonin and calm you, and fruit does not have the same effect. Please comment on this so the binges can be minimized.


Armand’s Reply
I am very proud of you for doing two things with your exercise program:

you varied your cardiovascular activity
you continued your weight training
What kind of repetition ranges (i.e., 10 to 15) are you performing with the weight machines? I want you to be working to get to 15 reps with each exercise. It should not be easy. If it is, increase the resistance.

As far as your treadmill work, I would like to see you perform the two-minute sprints in the middle of your treadmill session as opposed to toward the end.

I would like you to use the last three to five minutes of your treadmill workout as a cool-down period.

Regarding your aspiration of running a 10-mile race, over the next three weeks try to perform one long run each week by adding one to two miles to your normal duration. As part of your training, you do not need to run 10 miles in order to be able to run a 10-mile race. If you can run seven miles comfortably, you should be able to finish a 10-miler. Just make sure you pace yourself. Let me know how you are making out.

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