Despite your good intentions to walk you get stuck on the phone, your kids need to get to a birthday party or your husband can’t be late for his tee time. Should you even bother going for that walk? If you have at least 20 minutes to spare, the answer is “yes.” Here are some great ways to get the most out of the little time most mothers have.

Increase your intensity and you can burn just as many calories as you would during a longer, less intense workout.

Take several shorter walks as your day allows. You will be surprised at how quickly they will add up.

Instead of spending time sitting on the couch waiting for your nails to dry, a 20-minute walk is the perfect amount of time for that polish to set.

Take the dog for a walk when you take him outside. You wind up spending at least 20 minutes outside waiting from him to sniff around anyway.

If you live close enough to school that your children don’t take the bus, walk them to school and you’ll have to walk home. 10-minutes each way!

Suggest to a friend that you spend a lot of time with on the phone that you get together once a week and enjoy a walk together while playing catch up.

Boosts your immune system.
Increases energy and mental awareness.
Increases your productivity.
Improves your self-esteem while decreasing depression.
Burns calories.
Relieves stress.

You can’t beat these benefits that even a 20-minute walk, 3-5 times a week can bring you. So resist the temptation to pick up that phone unless you’re calling a friend to accompany you on your walk.

Those 20 minutes just might turn out to be the best part of your day!

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