Add some sizzle with a bit of succulence to your Valentine’s Day. Give your sweetheart the care and attention he or she needs. Make this Valentine’s Day a special one.

Hey, Juliet got a hot date for Valentines Day? Fan the flames of your love daily. For starters, begin each morning with kisses (preferably after you brush your teeth). Soft wet intimate kisses are a wonderful way to start the day! Hide a love note in his briefcase to let him know you are thinking of him. Say something romantic like you are counting the minutes until you are together again. Write a steamy passionate invitation for an after dinner delight. Either way, he will hurry home after work to hold you in his arms.

Make the transition from rush hour traffic to a romantic evening by taking a romantic bubble bath together. Just remember to take the phone off the hook first. As you both soak, leave the cares of the world behind. Slink into a Jacuzzi hot tub for a relaxing treat, soft flickering candles add a romantic touch. Scent the room with aromatherapy. Seductive essential oils are sandalwood and patchouli. Romantic pleasures will burn with a fragrant blend of ylang ylang, nutmeg, clove and rose. Enjoy massaging each other with oils of love. Share some intimate thoughts with each other while feeding each other grapes. Indulge in strawberries dipped in a chocolate fondue. Dine on a succulent dish you both prepare together.

Scented satin sheets lure lovers to sexual fantasy. Spice up you boudoir with lacey lingerie. Let Cupid’s arrow fly from his quiver.

Savor the moment as you fulfill each other’s desires. Initiate lovemaking in different places. Plan a get away at a hotel. Spontaneity can be a real turn on.

Spice up your relationship daily by flirting with your mate. Make every day burn with the same passion of your first date with plenty of eye contact. Reserve a special look that is only for him. Read each other Shakespeare as you enjoy a new intimacy together this Valentines Day.

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