Contrary to popular belief, DHEA and androstenedione supplemental hormones may not be effective in increasing body composition. A team of researchers compared the hormonal effects of DHEA with andro on body compostion, and found that these androgenic hormones showed little effect on muscle mass and strength. Continue reading »

Health and Safety

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Sep 032012

Many people are drawn to scuba diving for different reasons. For most, the sensation of being weightless, similar to an astronaut, while enjoying the surroundings of the underwater world provides a tranquil escape from the hectic world around us. Continue reading »


Let employees have the freedom to make mistakes. According to a Gallup survey of 1,200 employees, 66 percent of respondents say their managers asked them to get involved in decision making, but only 14 percent felt they had the authority to make decisions. They were afraid to exercise their judgment because they didn’t have the freedom to make a mistake. When employees are encouraged to think, and are given the tools and training they need, good decisions will be forthcoming. Continue reading »


Treat people as if they are self-responsible and they will become self-responsible. Treat people as if they are helpless and they will become helpless. The secret of true kindness is to see the strength in a person that he or she does not yet recognize. — Nathaniel Branden Continue reading »

Jul 202012

Now that you seem to have a good understanding of how to control your calories and fats, I want you to also pay attention to the nutritional quality of your diet. On reviewing your food diary, I find that you need to have citrus daily. Continue reading »

Jul 202012

Dear Sharon and Armand,
Well, I lost another pound. I’m down to 195 pounds now. I thought I might have a delayed reaction from poor eating last week, however the exercise must have saved me. Continue reading »

Steve’s Journal

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Jul 122012

This was a crazy week work-wise. I was running at 120 percent capacity, so I did not eat as well! I missed some meals because of time and to make up for several binges. Continue reading »

Jul 042012

* How do you use nostalgia without making your offer seem out-of-date? People with a few years to look back on don’t necessarily want to go back. But, quite a few would like their old bodies back. Living Fit has a “Turning Point” department that features women who recapture their youthful vigor. Continue reading »

Jul 042012

The dreamed-of fitness market of aging baby boomers has begun to make related buying decisions at the newsstands, and is creating publishing success where there used to be red ink. Weider Publications Inc. launched Living Fit (for women) in 1994 and Prime Health & Fitness (for men) in 1995. Both publications now outsell the industry average for their magazine categories. Continue reading »

Jul 042012

A “gray area” is neither black nor white, neither right nor wrong; a gray area is ambiguous. A “graying area” might be said to be neither young nor old. We have a graying area in the American marketplace that will pose both growing opportunity and risky ambiguity to fitness marketers over the next decade. Continue reading »

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