Club One wasn’t always run by volunteers. “The club is Е’descended’ from a for-profit organization that left town during the dark of night some 15-plus years ago,” Glaser says. “A member who was a lawyer managed to convince some other members to come up with Е’seed money,’ and [they] formed the not-for-profit corporation. The money was eventually repaid.” Since then, members’ dedication to Our Club hasn’t waned, as evidenced by the average four-month wait for a membership (bylaws restrict the number of memberships to 2,500). And that dedication was only enhanced when Our Club moved into its new home in December 2001.

Prior to the purchase of land and subsequent construction of the new facility, many members pushed to stay in the 12,000-square-foot rental that originally housed the club. But there were a number of problems with it, says Glaser. “The 12- to 14-year-old building was in a strip mall shopping center that lost its major attraction (a supermarket). The only good thing about the location was the parking for several hundred cars due to the almost-empty mall. As adjoining stores moved out, Our Club took over the space and knocked out walls. As a result, it was necessary to walk through the aerobics room to reach the weight and cardio areas. There was one thermostat in the entryway that managed to freeze everyone in the locker rooms in the winter. There was no humidity control, and at times, there would be enough fog in the natatorium that the far side of the pool (30 feet away) was not visible.” But the absolute deciding factor was money, Glaser says, as the landlord was on the verge of doubling the rent to $25,000 per month.

Perhaps the best part about Our Club’s new home is that “it really didn’t cost that much more to ‘do it right’ the first time, once the real needs were established,” says Glaser. “The most expensive single feature was the climate control system for the natatorium, [with] a total of 100 tons of air conditioning available from five units.” The air conditioning’s heat recovery is then put to work to heat the pool, which saves about $300 per month. At that rate, says Glaser, “It does not take long to get a payback,” which is probably just how Our Club’s members feel about their investment in the club.

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