* How do you use nostalgia without making your offer seem out-of-date? People with a few years to look back on don’t necessarily want to go back. But, quite a few would like their old bodies back. Living Fit has a “Turning Point” department that features women who recapture their youthful vigor.

* How do you advertise to draw your targeted group without defining the group in the ad? As indicated by these two magazines, you can draw the audience by offering the particular mix of things that they want and will pay for, which is distinct from what the younger market wants and will pay for. That’s more difficult, but a lot more effective, than saying in effect: “Hey, we’ve got a program for old people here. Wanna come?”

The graying area will continue to present gray areas for marketers. One way to begin seeing through the fog is to study emerging successes and analyze what makes them work. Reading is good. Reading between the lines is better.

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