This article speaks about the foods that are detrimental to your teeth and the reasons for this.

People rarely think of what they are doing to their teeth when they scarf down junk food like chocolate or chips. You might be amazed at which foods are not good for your teeth and the foods that are actually very bad for your teeth. Tooth decay becomes a bad situation with bad bacteria that thrive inside your mouth. The bacteria will feed on the sticky chemicals called plaque if you don’t properly care for your teeth, since plaque is commonly left stuck on your teeth when you are finished eating or drinking. Regular brushing and flossing is a good start to healthy teeth, but may not be enough because some foods harm teeth more so than others. So to prevent tooth decay, you should avoid or limit your intake of the more harmful foods.

When considering the causes of tooth decay, they usually believe that candy is the biggest culprit; it is a surprise that any food that has carbohydrates in it will leave plaque on your teeth. Potato chips are possibly one of the worst instigators that decay teeth. The bacteria gorge on the plaque that potato chips leave just like they were pigging out at Thanksgiving. Candy can be a reason for tooth decay like any food that has sugar in it, but bacteria love all carbohydrates. Even though sugar is definitely a carbohydrate, the strongest carbohydrate comes from potato based foods. If you don’t brush your teeth every time you eat potato chips or candy, you are allowing bacteria to create dangerous acids inside your mouth similar to a buffet. If you have foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, you can expect some type of tooth decay. You can wage a war against bacteria by brushing your teeth, but if you don’t take your toothbrush every place you go, bacteria will always feast.

Many experts have strong opinions of the effects that sugar laden foods like coffee and soda have. However this might be the truth, but the only concept that is scientifically verified about soda and coffee is that you could get stains on your teeth if you don’t take care of them properly. Teeth whitening products are available that can combat staining. Additionally you might receive the same thing from any store bought product. Whitening teeth in your residence has never been simpler. Except for stains, soda has not been verified to be any more dangerous for your teeth than candy is.

If you keep a watchful eye on what you put inside your mouth, you could prevent tooth decay from happening. With the appropriate care and being careful about how you eat, you can be certain you won’t have to worry about cavities or gum ailments. I know that you can’t give up potato chips and candy, but eating less of these foods will help you a lot. If you can’t stop eating them, you will have to be careful about teeth whitening.

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