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My doctor says I need more fiber in my diet. How much do I need? What are some easy ways to add fiber. I am a 28 year old woman balancing work and 4 toddlers.

Your doctor is right. Most people do not get enough fiber. The newest dietary recommendations call for women under age 50 to get at least 21 grams of total fiber, and those over 50 should aim for at least 25. Men under age 50 should aim for 30 grams of total fiber daily and for those over 50, at least 38 grams.
One way to make sure youre getting enough is to first check nutrition labels on all packages of grain products, like bread, cereal, crackers, pasta and rice. Make sure you do not give your toddlers high fiber cerals like All bran and bran buds!

Remember that vegetables and fruits also contain fiber. Since fresh produce is not labeled, estimate its fiber by counting two or three grams for each half-cup serving, but dont count on juice to supply
any fiber. If you eat five standard-size servings of fruits and
vegetables, and six servings of grain products (with at least
three of those whole-grain), you should reach the younger womens
minimum goal of 21 grams. Strategies to get beyond that include
boosting fruit and vegetable consumption even higher, choosing
more whole grains and adding bran products, beans, nuts and seeds.

Why not try the Fitness Heaven Fast and Fresh and Summer Slim meal plans? They are full of nutrition and fiber!

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