No, there are a very few who are seemingly immune, though it is unclear why I believe this is little different than someone who is extraordinarily resistant to the blunt trauma of normal striking.

The effects vary in strength, when applied, depending on the attack and the person being attacked, some techniques being more effective against some persons and less so against others. One must learn to apply the right technique to the right person for maximal effect.

Do you have to hit hard to make the points work?

No, it is actually counter productive, from a pressure point striking standpoint, to hit overly hard, though highly desirable when simply clubbing someone about the head and shoulders.

A certain amount of finesse is required to strike in a manner appropriate to use the points. For instance, a common mistake made when applying points in joint locking is to squeeze as hard as one can, when a light touch, focusing on targeted points, is what makes the technique work.

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