The the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that diabetes and its complications is now the fifth largest cause of death by disease in the US, and has estimated that 150 Million persons worldwide have diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has termed diabetes ‘The silent killer with no cure.’ The incidence of diabetes is unfortunately rising at an alarming rate, both in adults and in children in the US as well as in other large and developing countries.

Diabetes can result in a wide range of life-threatening complications including heart and kidney failure, limb amputation, and premature blindness. According to recent DCCT and UKPDS studies, a significant delay of diabetes related complications may be achieved by more frequently monitoring blood glucose and utilizing the appropriate therapy. In many cases, frequent blood glucose monitoring by diabetics demonstrated a significant improvement in control of the disease, allowing a normal life style and potentially a normal life span.

Monitoring Today

Diabetics are strongly advised by their medical professionals to monitor their personal blood glucose levels multiple times per day – for the rest of their lives in most cases. Today, they monitor their blood glucose using invasive devices that penetrate the skin and draw either blood or interstitial fluid (ISF) from the tissue below, which is then transferred into the device for measurement. This procedure is painful, leaves skin damage, is inconvenient, costly, and embarrassing. As of  2008, the FDA has only approved invasive blood glucose devices for therapeutic blood glucose monitoring. However, market research shows that diabetics would strongly prefer a blood-glucose device that has the following features — 100% painless, totally non-invasive in operation, fits into a pocket or purse, is quick and easy to use, provides a rapid glucose reading, and is priced competitively with current invasive methods. MedOptix is targeting all of these important user requirements with its new Totally Non-Invasive™ optical technology.

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