Jan 112010


For seed or spice vinegars, crush several tablespoons of the seeds or whole spice for every quart of vinegar, and then follow the same heat procedure as for herb vinegars. The infusion period for seeds or spices is 6 weeks, or longer.
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As versatile as baking powder, herbal vingars can be used for cooking, seasoning, preventing illness, pest control and sparkling windows, so don’t just keep it in the pantry… Continue reading »

Your Woman

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Aug 142009

Your Woman should be treated like your bike. Shine her up every mornin’ to gain your neighour’s envy. However, if his bike’s better lookin’ don’t envy her ‘cos your bike probably rides better and gives you better mileage.
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Constant teenage titillation

Which begs the question—how does it work?

The critics have a ready answer—a culture-wide race to the bottom, with several “bottoms” thrown in along the way. Sex sells. There’s something to this complaint. Virtue tends to lose to vice, particularly among those who view the vice as compellingly forbidden. To buy the A&F catalog, I visited a store filled with 12-year-old girls daring each other to buy short shorts and giggling about the spring break signs saying “Share your towel. Oil your neighbor. Remember her name.” Anonymous spring break flings are one thing for college students to be fantasizing about. They’re another thing entirely for the preteens who flock to A&F stores. The catalog is certainly part of the constant teenage titillation today’s culture provides, from the booty-shaking videos on MTV’s Total Request Live, to The Thong Song’s lyrics, to movies that sneak by with PG-13 ratings. Continue reading »


“Irreverent, unbiased and sexy,” the ads claim, but first things first: If you pick up this spring’s shrink-wrapped issue of the Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly looking for naughty pictures, you won’t find any.
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Never Seal

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Jun 102009

My name is Davey Lowsten, I did seal
My men and I were lost, our very lives at cost
We did seal.
We were set down in open bay
We were left, we gallant men, never more to sail again
Never more.
Our captain John McGraw, he set sail
Bound for old Port Stanley, he set sail
“I’ll return, men, without fail!” but he foundered in the gale
And went down
Come all you lads who venture far from home
Where the iceburgs tower high, that’s a pitiful place to die
Never seal.


Distribution Agreements Signed For Major Markets

NMT Group PLC (“NMT”) announces that it has now signed distribution agreements in the US, UK, Germany and France for its lead product, the 3ml retractable safety syringe.

In the US, NMT’s subsidiary, New Medical Technology, Inc., has signed a distribution agreement with Physician Sales and Service, Inc., the largest distributor of medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals to office-based physicians and healthcare providers in the US.

Douglas J. Harper, senior vice president of Physician Sales and Service, Inc. said:  “We are very pleased to have been appointed as NMT’s main distributor to physicians’ offices in the US.  We believe that NMT’s retractable safety syringe is particularly significant for the US market, given the recent legislation passed in California which requires the use of safety devices to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injuries.”

NMT has also signed an agreement with Security Personal Care, Inc. to distribute the 3ml safety syringe to prisons throughout the US.
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