Oct 102012

Club One wasn’t always run by volunteers. “The club is Е’descended’ from a for-profit organization that left town during the dark of night some 15-plus years ago,” Glaser says. “A member who was a lawyer managed to convince some other members to come up with Е’seed money,’ and [they] formed the not-for-profit corporation. The money was eventually repaid.” Continue reading »

Oct 092012

Our Club Health & Fitness Inc. in Indian Harbour Beach, Fla., has a unique approach to earning profits: It doesn’t. This approach to growing a fitness business may prompt questions such as, how does a two-floor, 20,000-square-foot facility with 2,500 members manage to operate successfully, much less stay in the black, without a profit? Chief engineer Ted Glaser has an easy answer: The facility is actually ‘owned’ by the membership. Continue reading »


No, there are a very few who are seemingly immune, though it is unclear why I believe this is little different than someone who is extraordinarily resistant to the blunt trauma of normal striking. Continue reading »

Sep 112012

References to the ‘Tao’ or Taoism can be baffling if not downright confusing to a student who’s starting out in Tai Chi Chuan. Taoist influence in Tai Chi Chuan is evident in the Yin-Yang symbol, references the snake and bird, names of the Tai Chi Chuan postures, and comparison to a waterway path. The question is, why is Tai Chi Chuan associated with Taoism? Continue reading »


Let employees have the freedom to make mistakes. According to a Gallup survey of 1,200 employees, 66 percent of respondents say their managers asked them to get involved in decision making, but only 14 percent felt they had the authority to make decisions. They were afraid to exercise their judgment because they didn’t have the freedom to make a mistake. When employees are encouraged to think, and are given the tools and training they need, good decisions will be forthcoming. Continue reading »


Treat people as if they are self-responsible and they will become self-responsible. Treat people as if they are helpless and they will become helpless. The secret of true kindness is to see the strength in a person that he or she does not yet recognize. — Nathaniel Branden Continue reading »

Jul 202012

Now that you seem to have a good understanding of how to control your calories and fats, I want you to also pay attention to the nutritional quality of your diet. On reviewing your food diary, I find that you need to have citrus daily. Continue reading »

Jul 202012

Dear Sharon and Armand,
Well, I lost another pound. I’m down to 195 pounds now. I thought I might have a delayed reaction from poor eating last week, however the exercise must have saved me. Continue reading »

Steve’s Journal

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Jul 122012

This was a crazy week work-wise. I was running at 120 percent capacity, so I did not eat as well! I missed some meals because of time and to make up for several binges. Continue reading »

May 252012

Another decision that must be based on the needs of the patrons and the abilities of your staff is the ages to admit. Some will take children at a few weeks old, while others prefer babies to be a few months old or walking. When making this decision, keep in mind that a number of mothers wžth babies are anxious to start an exercise program soon after the baby’s birth. Continue reading »

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