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Oct 282012

My doctor says I need more fiber in my diet. How much do I need? What are some easy ways to add fiber. I am a 28 year old woman balancing work and 4 toddlers. Continue reading »


The next three types of MS are sometimes lumped together and called Chronic-Progressive (CP) multiple sclerosis. However, more recent categorizations of the disease indicate that these sub-types are really quite distinct and should be considered separately. Continue reading »


Multiple sclerosis owes its name to the Greek word skleros, which means hard. The many (or multiple) areas of hardened scarring (or sclerosis) of the disease are caused by the destruction of myelin … the protective coating of the nervous system fibers. Continue reading »

Oct 102012

Club One wasn’t always run by volunteers. “The club is Е’descended’ from a for-profit organization that left town during the dark of night some 15-plus years ago,” Glaser says. “A member who was a lawyer managed to convince some other members to come up with Е’seed money,’ and [they] formed the not-for-profit corporation. The money was eventually repaid.” Continue reading »

Oct 092012

Our Club Health & Fitness Inc. in Indian Harbour Beach, Fla., has a unique approach to earning profits: It doesn’t. This approach to growing a fitness business may prompt questions such as, how does a two-floor, 20,000-square-foot facility with 2,500 members manage to operate successfully, much less stay in the black, without a profit? Chief engineer Ted Glaser has an easy answer: The facility is actually ‘owned’ by the membership. Continue reading »


Despite your good intentions to walk you get stuck on the phone, your kids need to get to a birthday party or your husband can’t be late for his tee time. Should you even bother going for that walk? If you have at least 20 minutes to spare, the answer is “yes.” Here are some great ways to get the most out of the little time most mothers have. Continue reading »

Oct 012012

Add some sizzle with a bit of succulence to your Valentine’s Day. Give your sweetheart the care and attention he or she needs. Make this Valentine’s Day a special one. Continue reading »

Sep 262012

Low calcium intake, poor diet and inactivity are among the common risk factors that may cause fractures in older women. Recently, researchers found that, in addition to these risk factors, diabetes may also increase the risk of fracture in older women. Continue reading »


No, there are a very few who are seemingly immune, though it is unclear why I believe this is little different than someone who is extraordinarily resistant to the blunt trauma of normal striking. Continue reading »

Sep 112012

References to the ‘Tao’ or Taoism can be baffling if not downright confusing to a student who’s starting out in Tai Chi Chuan. Taoist influence in Tai Chi Chuan is evident in the Yin-Yang symbol, references the snake and bird, names of the Tai Chi Chuan postures, and comparison to a waterway path. The question is, why is Tai Chi Chuan associated with Taoism? Continue reading »

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